An average people are having 5 million hairs. A hair rises all over our body apart from on your lips, palms, and the soles of our feet. It just takes nearly a month for healthy hair to produce half an inch. Most hairs grow for up to six years & then fall out. A fresh and new hair develops in their place. A number of hair problems can make the hair to fall out. People who have an autoimmune disorder called alopecia areata drop hair on their scalp, along with on other parts of their body. Hair aids keeping us warm. It moreover shields our eyes, ears & nose from minor elements in the air. The most general hair and scalp problem comprise hair loss, infections and flaking.

We normally don’t like bad hairs. There are only a few people who haven’t faced any hair problems in their entire life. However, there are a large number of people who is facing some kind of hair problem in their life, no matter what severity the hair has. It certainly is dreadful, when it occurs all year long. Although people varies with the different type of hairs based on their hair styles, lengths, textures and colours, their beauty is enhanced through the various hair styles.

In addition, keeping healthy hair too plays a significant part in enhancing the exquisiteness. Nevertheless, the path to healthy hair turns out to be tougher always because of numerous reasons. Nowadays with the increasing temperature and fast lifestyle, we have become more vulnerable to hair problems.

At Dr Kuldeep skin clinic, we offer custom-made solutions, which are prompt & long-lasting. We can amend its treatment approach best suited to meet your outlooks and requirements. We provide complete range of hair problems solution, which includes-

  • Hair Transplant Clinic
  • Medical therapy
  • Dandruff control
  • Premature greying treatment
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Microneedling treatment