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Every girl reverie of getting married one day with her dream partner with whom she can share happiness, peace of mind and freedom for security. It is an also a wonderful time to get rid of all those nasty breakouts and discover a perfect shade of shiny skins.

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Below are some of the exceptional methods to try before the wedding day-

Whitening peels

This method is done to eliminate marks and superficial spots scars & likewise to bestow a perfect skin tone. This method is done for anti-aging meanwhile the peel solution rouses collagen therefore decreases & avoids fine lines & wrinkles.

Skin polishing also known a microdermabrasion

It isvery safe, fast, suitable and verified effective for all types of skin colors, from light to dark, dry to oily. This process can offer a livelier, smoother look to any skin area in need of exfoliation like face, neck, hands back, legs and chest.


This method requires Nd Yag laser for the immediate radiance of skin, constriction, and closing of open pores. The patient undergoes for this process instantly before a purpose such as a party or marriage.

Laser hair removal

Go for laser hair removal if you want to get rid of annoying hair & ingrowth. It is advised to go for a laser treatment, one or the other a long-pulsed diode or Long pulsed Nd-Yag laser.


Botox is a natural, cleansed protein that eases wrinkle-causing muscles & produces a more young-looking appearance. It is very safe & US FDA verified. The best results can be in 7-10 days after injection & continue for near 4-6 months. Botox is given in teenagers for cerebral palsy. Therefore, age is no bar.


If you desire for high cheek bones, desirable lips, a shriller nose deprived of surgery, then go for the dermal fillers which are safe & can do wonder. The filler element is vaccinated under the surface of the skin whereby it drops the chosen area.

Right time to initiate the skin care ritual

It all depends on the state of the skin (tone, touch, acne prone skin, pigmented skin), the right skin care must begin at least 3 months in advance. If there is acne, then the 6-month treatment is needed right before the wedding day.

An advice to the super busy brides:

  • Take few sessions of skin polishing will clear the dead skin, dirt, grime & eliminate the tan.
  • Take 6-8 hrs of sleep every day.
  • Always go for light alpha hydroxyl peels one time in a fortnight for a radiant skin.
  • Consume healthy low salt, low calorie, protein rich food.
  • Evade sun exposure; use an oil free sunblock with SPF 30 about 20 mins before going out in sun.

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Dr. Kuldeep Skin Clinic is an innovative & one of the finest Skin specialists in Satellite, committed to offering dissimilar progressive skin care services and cosmetic skin treatment in Ahmedabad. Visit the dermatologist in Satellite, when you are going for the big day like events, marriage, social gathering etc.