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We should always celebrate our skin, which we are born with and it is certainly not a measurement of beauty. Our skins get polluted by many damaging emissions of the sun which ultimately makes our skin dull, dry, and tarnished. The more we grow; we tend to observe that our skin is not the same as it was in past 5 or 10 years. A proper prevention, safety, and repair are the only measures, Dr. Kuldeep Skin Clinic is the best skin clinic in Ahmedabad with a sheer experience in anti-aging cures, and is amongst some specialists in Gujarat who are providing modern, successful, quality-focused and comprehensive anti-aging treatments & therapies.

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As millions of people looking for a cure for skin marks and brightness annually, it is no wonder that the expert skin care industry is crowded with medical products that boast skin lightening & brightening benefits. There are many of the best lightening creams, gels, & serums accessible in the market that bring miracles in replenishing your lost skin tone & feel. You can give it a try, but make sure it will not create any side-effects and matches your skin perfectly.


Hyperpigmentation is the outcome of melanin overproduction, either UV-induced, becauseof sun exposure & tanning beds; hormonally made, due to melasma; or done post-inflammatory cutaneous trauma. Hyperpigmentation too can be a side-effect of Addison’s & Cushing’s illnesses, linear nigra, celiac disease etc.Dr. Kuldeep Skin Clinic is the best dermatologist in Satellite provides an exception treatment with the Hyperpigmentation related issues.

Causes of hyper-pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation is caused due to increased melanin deposition in the epidermis or dermis.


It is an increased coloring due to sun contact. The pigmentation occurs on exposed skin,

Sun burn (tan)

It is a disorder usually met in fair sensitive people due to extreme sun contact.

Post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

There are some disorder, occurs after the healing such as acne, eczemas, contact dermatitis.


It is a disorder seen as brown patches on the face;females are more exposed to it than the men’s. It arises due to hormonal alterations in the body.

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At Dr. Kuldeep Skin Clinicwhich is one of top skin clinic in Ahmedabad, everything from acne, laser hair removal, skin allergies to more complicated problems like skin cancers, dermatitis, psoriasis & immune associated skin illnesses are handled with care, kindness&perfectproficiency. Being thebest dermatologist in Satellite, we have evolved to a highly professional in skin problems and deliver long lasting solutions.