About Acne

Acne is a skin illness in which the pores become blocked, letting pimples to develop. Acne is the most general skin disorder, distressing a likely 85% of youths.

Causes which lead to the acne problem

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes throughout adolescence let the sebaceous glands to develop enlarged & sebum creation upsurges. In most cases with people having acne, hormone levels are usual; however, the sebaceous glands are very delicate to the hormones. Acne goes dim between 30-40 years of age. However, it can continue to develop during the first phase of adulthood. Acne can flash earlier a female’s menstrual time, particularly in ladies of above 30 years.

Outside factors

Oil related make-ups may add to the growth of acne. Oils & greases based hair products can too deteriorate skin health. Water-related products or “non-comedogenic” have very minoreffect to the acne growth. A person with acne frequently uses soaps & astringents to eliminate acne but the truth is, It only remove sebum from the skin surface but they do not reduce its production.


Diet plays an important role in acne growth. However, it’s always been debated. It is said that cow’s milk or chocolates increase the chance of acne development, but it’s never be confirmed or doesn’t have any solid proof.



Psychological often increases the acne growth. It’s already been proven that acne continues to grow when the person is under great stress.

Acne Management/Solution

Till now there is not a single cure for acne. The blends of different treatments are from time to time suggested. Whatever treatment you are undergoing or thinking to begin, give at least a period of 2-3 months as the acne takes at least an 8 week of time to mature.

Proper skin care

Caring your skin with the right products (mostly naturally) proves to be the best acne treatment.

Skin sanitation

Keep your face clean not more than twice a day by a gentle non-soap facemask skin cleanser & warm water. Also, it recommends avoiding using a loofah or washcloth. Alternatively, you can use it with the hands to wash the face. Remember, Forceful washing or rubbing can deteriorate acne & harm the skin’s surface.


Keep using a moisturizer (non-comedogenic) which reduces aridness and skin flaking, which are most usual side-effects of some acne treatments.

Protection from sun

Some acne cures can raise the skin’s sensitivity to daylight. To reduce the skin damage from the sun, always evade extreme sun exposure & practice a sunscreen with SPF 15 or above before going under sunlight.

When to Visit a doctor

Although, Acne is not a severe medical disorder but it requires a medical attention from a professional dermatologist. They will suggest you with the best possible ways to cure the acne issues.

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