Well Hair Loss is a common problem that every person faces at one point. Some amount of hair fall is common & happens with everyone. In fact, as per doctors, losing around 100 hairs a day is quite normal but if your hair fall exceeds the normal amount & you are able to see the receding hairline & bald patches then it is the time to visit your dermatologist. So we continue to demystify such common Hair Falls Myths that our society has been carrying around for decades while revealing true facts for the same. Dr. Kuldeep Singh Rohria earlier provided us with 7 Hair Fall Myths & Facts & today we bring some more ‘5 Hair Fall Myths & Facts’ by renowned Dermatologist & Cosmetologist Dr. Kuldeep Singh Rohria.

Myth8: A sign of Genetic Progressive/Permanent Baldness is seeing large amounts of Hair Falling out

Fact: This is a Myth. The fact is that going bald is not due to huge amount of hair falling out but due to normal thick hair being replaced by thinner & finer hairs. This process is medically termed as “Miniaturization”.

Doctor’s Advice: If large patches of hair start suddenly falling out, it could be Alopecia Areata and it is time to see your dermatologist.


Myth9: Hair Gel, Hairspray and Hair Styling Tools are the main Reason for Hair Loss

Fact: Don’t Sacrifice Your Hair Styling Desires as products like Hair Gel, Hairspray, Straightener, Curling Wands and Blow Dry etc won’t make you go bald. “Hair Styling Products don’t cause Balding but it is over-usage of such products that can harm the hair quality, making hair brittle and rough hence more prone to hair loss due to breakage.

Doctor’s Advice: Use good quality products & try to use a Heat Protectant prior to using products like Straightener, Curling Wands and Blow Dry. Also limit your usage to once a week only.

Myth10: Smoking Cigarettes has NO Effect on Hair Loss

Fact: Lets simply face it; Smoking Cigarettes is medically BAD for your health, including your hair. In fact, recent studies have found quite sufficient evidences to prove that there is imperative link between hair loss and smoking.

Doctor’s Advice: Quit Smoking Period!

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